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Краткая аннотация авторского информационного ресурса

Название работы: сценарный урок в виде игры-соревнования с использованием интерактивных технологий по теме “The World Around Us”:New Year Trip-Around the World in 45 Minutes.

Данные об авторе: Гукасова Татьяна Валерьевна, учитель английского языка первой к/к, ГОУ СОШ №80 с углубленным изучением английского языка Петроградского района СПб.

Дидактическая направленность работы:

развитие интереса учащихся к английскому языку;

привлечение интереса к деятельности школы.
Адресат: коллеги-учителя английского языка, ученики

Область применения

распространение опыта работы использования проектов как элемента учебного процесса;

визуальная поддержка уроков английского языка;

материал для методической копилки учителя.
^ Методические рекомендации по использованию в учебном процессе
сценарный урок в 6 классе New Year Trip :Around the World in 45 Minutes
содержит ресурсы, пригодные для поддержки и развития творческого начала участников образовательного процесса, и состоит из следующих рубрик:

Деятельность учителя

Деятельность учеников

Иллюстрация с применением интерактивной доски

1 .I invite you to take part in New Year trip. We’ll visit different countries to know more about New Year traditions. My assistants will help us. They are well-known all over the world (12 animals). Do you know why there are 12 of them? Each animal is a symbol of the year and each year is called in honor of it. This tradition has come from India.

That’s why we shall start our trip in India. (sounds of Indian music)

2. The rat was the first animal who came to Buddha, when he called all the animals to say good bye to us. It was very long ago and since then the first of 12 years is called the year of the Rat.

3. New Year in India.

In India people believe that you don’t have to be angry, unpleased or grumbling on the first day of New Year. Indian people think that good beginning of the year will make the whole year happy and good. You have to get up early, think about past and future. In the afternoon children and grown -ups fly kites .Crowds of people come to watch the plays of people’s theatre.

Our first COMPETITION is theatre( just to warm up)

Each team gets the task, teams have to guess other’s acting:

1. People make pancakes on Maslenitsa.

2. The is boy at the dentist’s.

3. The keeper gives food to ravens in the Tower.

4. The Ox was the second animal to come because he is so decided and brave. He will tell us about New Year in Japan.

(sounds of Japanese music)


6. I can hear roaring. The Tiger came the third. He is very energetic. He decided to tell us about Vietnamese New Year.

(sounds of Eastern music)

7. New Year in Vietnam.

Peach flower is the symbol of New Year in Vietnam. Vietnamese celebrate New Year between January, 21 and February, 19. In the evening people make fires in the parks, gardens and streets to cook tasty rice. Children wait for midnight to start crackers. People in Vietnam believe that God comes on the back of the fish, that’s why nowadays they buy fresh fish and let it go to the river or to the lake. All people in families tell fairy-tales to each other.


I hope you know fairy-tales well. Our next competition is to match fairy-tales and their authors.

(each team gets the card with the task)

True choice:

1. Winnie-the –Pooh (A.Milne)

2. The Adventures of Chippollino (J. Radari)

3. Alice in Wonderland (L. Carrol)

4. Harry Potter (J. Rowling)

5. The Chronicles of Narnia (C. S. Lewis)

6. Maugli (R. Kipling)

7. Mary Poppins (P. Travers)

1 true answer-1point

9. Then the cat came. Cats like comfort and respect. They like beautiful things. So we move to the beautiful country Iran.

10. New Year in Iran.

People in Iran meet NY on March, 22. You can hear the sounds of shooting everywhere. All grown -ups keep silver coins in their hands. On the first day of NY people break old cups and dishes. Fathers present new beautiful clothes to their children. The clothes is wonderfully decorated. We’ll take part in decoration too.


Let’s decorate the map.(each team gets the map with a set of cards with names of the countries). You have 2 min. to place the countries on the continents.

^ Asia: Vietnam, Thailand ,India

Europe: Norway, Sweden, Spain, France, Germany, Great Britain

Africa: Angola, Tanzania, Algeria, Morocco

North America: Canada, the USA

South America: Peru, Chili, Brazil

Australia: Australia

1 country-1 point

11. Our next guest is the Dragon, brave and wise. He is as brave as people in Scotland. He will tell us about their traditions.

12. New Year in Scotland.

NY in Scotland is called Hogmanay. After midnight people visit their friends. And they take a present-a piece of coal. Why? Because traditionally the first visitor of the year must carry coal into the house. This is ‘first footing’. It brings good luck. It also helps to make fire in the middle of the winter. At midnight people open the door to let NY in. Now ‘open’ your mind to answer the questions.

COMPETITION 4 (1 true answer-1 point)ученики отвечают на вопросы:

1) How do we call people who live in Germany? (Germans)

2) How do we call people who live in Sweden? (Swedish)

3) How do we call people who live in China? (Chinese)

4) How do we call people who live in Scotland? (Scots, Scottish)

5) What city is famous for the Eiffel Tower? (Paris)

6 )Who looks after the ravens in the Tower of London? (keepers)

7) What king did Guy Fawkes want to kill? (King James I)

8) What is the symbol of NY in Vietnam? (peach flower)

9) How is NY called in Scotland? (Hogmanay)


14.New Year in Italy.

NY in Italy begins on January, 6. People believe that the kind Fairy Beffanna opens the doors with golden key and puts presents into children’s stockings. She gives only coals to those children who studied not well. The name of Italian Father Christmas is Bubbo Natale. People believe that you must start NY without old things. Be careful! Italians throw old furniture and not only furniture out of the windows. It is also an old tradition to give water with an olive branch as a present.

^ Match countries and customs(teams use cards)

15.The 7th animal is the HORSE. It likes to work well and rest well. It doesn’t like to be directed. It wants to be free. The spirit of freedom is felt in Hungary

16. New Year in Hungary. A lot of people in Hungary whistle on NY. They believe that flutes and whistles drive away bad spirits, ghosts and witches.

So our next COMPETITION 6 is musical.

(each team have to sing any song in English, 4 points for a song)


18. New Year in Germany.

People of different ages jump onto chairs, armchairs, stools and even tables before midnight. When the clock strikes 12 they jump into NY. The symbol of NY in Germany is the chimney-sweep.


Poems (each team remembers any poem, 1 poem-2 points)


20. New Year in France.

French Father Christmas is Pierre Noel. He puts presents into children’s shoes. People in France cook NY pie with a baked bean. If you find this bean you are Bean King and others have to do everything you say.



(Cards)Father Christmas is called in different ways in different countries. Remember and guess:

(pupils match countries and names of Father Christmas)

22. The Cock, the Dog and the Pig are the last. They would like to check out who remembers more about NY in different countries (1 point for each answer)

We travelled a lot. We knew more about New Year. We were active and worked hard. Thank you very much.

Our jury will tell the results.

Формат документа: документ PowerPoint.

Объем работы: 11 страниц

Использованные программы

Google-сайты, Wikipedia.

Офисные приложения: Word, Paint, PowerPoint.
Порядок чтения документов: Последовательный.


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