2. a) Skim through the text and say what the message of the text is.  5 min.) ' assets активы

Название2. a) Skim through the text and say what the message of the text is.  5 min.) ' assets активы
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People in business.

Making a personality.


Verbals: The Participle.

Step I


Lead in

1. a) Answer the questions:
  • ^

    What does success mean to you?

  • What is good or bad about being rich?

  • Is it possible to avoid failure on the way to success?

  • Which is more acceptable to you: inheriting money, marrying money or starting out with nothing and making a fortune?

b) Look at the list of qualities below and say in which profession(s) you think each one is necessary. Explain what makes you think so.

power of persuasion

physical strength

quick thinking




team spirit











PR officer

bank manager

real estate agent

financial adviser

business executive

talk show host(ess)

human resources manager

Sample answer:

I think strong powers of persuasion are essential for someone like a real estate agent because they have to be able to talk people into buying from them.


2. a) Skim through the text and say what the message of the text is.

 (1.5 min.)

'assets - активы

entrepreneur [LOntrRprR'nR:] – a person who starts a company or arranges for a piece of work to be done, and takes business risks in the hope of making a profit

^ Ldot'com (dot.com.) – relating to the companies that do business using the Internet. dotcommers– young intelligent computer engineers earning a lot of money but lacking experience in business

entrepreneurial [LOntrRprR'nR:rjRl]; dinosaur ['daInRLsO:]


Land of the Giants

Ignore the politicians. Big business is now the most powerful force on Earth. Countries don’t matter any more. Companies do. Don’t worry about who wins the next general election. Worry about who is running General Electric. Company presidents, not White House presidents, are finally in charge.

Nearly as many people work for General Motors as live in Wales. Fewer than four hundred billionaires control as much capital as half the global population. Bill Gates alone is worth more than a hundred and thirty-five countries. If we compare the biggest companies’ annual turnover with national GDP, Philip Morris makes more money than New Zealand, Ford makes more than Thailand, and Exxon Mobil as much as South Africa and Nigeria put together.

Just three hundred corporations control 25% of all the productive assets on earth. Within the next ten years, many multinationals could open their own embassies and even start issuing their own currency! Impossible? Not according to futurists, Jim Taylor and Watts Wacker. They argue that as cross-border trade increases, national frontiers become increasingly unimportant and global business begins to take over from government. Goodbye United Nations. Hello, United Corporations.

In the late 1990s it was fashionable to disregard the ‘Old Economy’, as we welcomed in the digital age. Small entrepreneurial companies were going to kill off ‘corporate dinosaurs’ like Ford and Levi’s. It never happened. Billions were wasted on dotcom disasters run by kids with no business brains, while the big companies, slow at first, simply took the technology and used it more intelligently.

Size alone may not guarantee competitiveness, but to go from innovation to mass production quickly and efficiently takes a big company with substantial resources and an aggressive marketing strategy. In the words of Andrew Grove, head of Intel: ‘We don’t beat the competition, we crush it.’ Now, more than ever, big is beautiful.

(By Mark Powell, ^ In Company. Macmillan, 2005.)

b) Sum up the text in three sentences.

c) Scan the text for details.

d) Answer the teacher’s questions.

3. a) Open the brackets using the correct forms of the verbs.

to browse [brauz] – (зд.) ходить по магазину, рассматривая товар

cadge - попрошайничать

diaper ['daIpR] – пеленка, подгузник

The Shy Sorceress

Joanne Rowling is an English fiction writer most famous as author of the Harry Potter fantasy series, which _________________ (1 – to gain) international attention and ____________ (2 – to win) multiple awards. In the early 1990s she was unknown and poor, a single mom on welfare who sometimes pretended to browse in maternity stores so she could cadge a free diaper in the changing room. Now, after her Harry Potter books and the movies and an armada of related merchandise, Rowling _________________ (3 – to believe / to be) the wealthiest woman in the United Kingdom, well ahead of even Queen Elizabeth II. The rise distinguishes Rowling as Britain’s wealthiest self-made woman, the richest person in British show business and the world’s wealthiest female author. In February 2004, Forbes magazine estimated her fortune as £576 million (just over US$1 billion), making her the first person to become a US dollar billionaire by ____________ (4 – to write) books.

J. K. Rowling was born in 1965. After ___________ (5 – to study) French and Classics at Exeter University she ___________ (6 – to move) to London __________ (7 – to work) as a researcher and bilingual secretary for Amnesty International. During this period she had the idea for a story of a young boy attending a school of wizardry while she was on a four-hour, delayed train trip between Manchester and London. When she ______________ (8 – to reach) her destination, she already ____________ (9 – to have) the characters and a good part of the plot for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in her head, which she began _____________ (10 – to work) on during her lunch hours.

In December, 1994, Rowling and her daughter from her brief first marriage moved to Edinburgh. Unemployed and living on state benefits, she _____________ (11 – to complete) her first novel. She ______________________________ (12 – to rumour / to do) some of the work in an Edinburgh cafe in order to escape from her unheated flat. The first book was an unexpectedly huge success. Combined with her earnings for the next three books, she became a billionaire.

Her personal life ________________ (13 – to pick up) too. In 2001, she ______________ (14 – to purchase) a luxurious 19th-century mansion in Scotland, where she ____________ (15 – to marry) her second husband, Dr. Neil Murray, a steady, brainy anesthetist, in December 2001. In March 2003 they had a son, David. Admitting that Harry is her favourite boy’s name, Rowling wisely __________________ (16 – to avoid / to saddle) her son with that lifelong invitation to teasing. On 23 January 2005, Rowling's second child with Dr. Murray was born, fulfilling Rowling’s lifelong wish to have three children.

Rowling appreciates that she can use her name and money to support worthy charities, including those for one-parent families and victims of multiple sclerosis. ‘One of the few upsides of ______________ (17 – to be) famous is _________________ (18 – to be able) to do something meaningful for causes in which you believe,’ she says.

b) Answer the teacher’s questions.

c) Comment on the following statements:

  • The happiness gained from money does not last and the pleasure wears off as you get used to it.

  • Money is not the only source of content, and other factors, such as a strong marriage, play an important role.

  • Sometimes money creates more problems than it solves.


4. a) Read the text filling in the gaps with the proper words.

Steven Paul Jobs was born in California, USA, on February 24, 1955, _______ (1 – by / to / with) an American mother and a Syrian father, a political __________ (2 – science / studies / economics) professor. Soon after his birth, Jobs was ____________ (3 – suggested / offered / put up) for adoption. He was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs who _________ (4 – called / named / referred to) him Steven Paul Jobs. To this day, Jobs dislikes Paul and Clara being called his ____________ (5 – adopted / adoptive / adoption) parents, and prefers to simply refer to them as his ‘parents’.

In 1972, Jobs _____________ (6 – left / graduated / finished) from high school and ___________ (7 – entered / went / enrolled) in Reed College in Portland, Oregon, but he _____________ (8 – was expelled / dropped out / gave up) two years later to work as a video game designer. His aim was to save enough money to go to India and _____________ (9 – experience / investigate / try) Buddhism.

Back in the US in the autumn of 1974, Jobs went into _____________ (10 – money / business / company) with his high school friend Stephen Wozniak. Jobs understood that computers would ____________ (11 – appeal / attract / call) to a broad audience. He managed to obtain finance for his first _____________ (12 – marketing / marketable / market) computer, the Apple II, in 1977. Apple Inc. was formed and ___________ (13 – met with / saw / faced) immediate success.

Seven years later, Jobs introduced the Mackintosh computer but the ________________ (14 – merchandise / sales / purchases) of the first Macs were disappointing. This led to tensions in the company, and in 1985 he ____________ (15 – retired / dismissed / resigned).

In late 1996, Apple, saddled by huge financial losses and on the verge of ___________ (16 – collapse / breakdown / bankruptcy), asked Jobs to come back. He accepted, and quickly ______________ (17 – put forward / engineered / launched) an award-winning advertising campaign that urged customers to ‘think different’ and buy Mackintoshes.

In 1998, he introduced the iMac, an egg-shaped computer that ______________ (18 – offered / suggested / proposed) high-speed processing at a reasonable price. It was a(n) _____________ (19 – immediate / moment’s / instant) success. Steve Jobs had saved his company and, in the process, ________________ (20 – reestablished / manifested / acknowledged) himself as a master high-technology marketer.

b) Answer the teacher’s questions.


5. a) Go through the texts in exercises 1 – 3 and find the English for
население планеты; “стоить” (о денежном состоянии человеке), оцениваться в какую-то сумму; годовой товарооборот; вместе взятые; не принимать во внимание что-либо; частные компании/предприятия; Интернет-компания; активная маркетинговая стратегия; завоевать международный интерес; получить многочисленные награды; ходить по магазину, рассматривая товар; сопутствующие товары; оценить чье-то состояние (ден.) в…; неотапливаемая квартира; приобрести что-либо; мечта всей жизни; достойный; рассеянный склероз; поступить в колледж; бросить колледж (“вылететь” из колледжа); начать дело/бизнес; увенчаться успехом; трения, напряженность; уволиться; на грани; настойчиво призывать.

b) Illustrate the word combinations with sentences from the texts.
6. Retell any of the three texts (see exercises 2-4).

7. Paraphrase using the words and word combinations from exercises 1-4.

1. The number of people living on the planet is rapidly increasing. 2. How much do you reckon the estate may cost? 3. The amount of business done by the company every year exceeds one billion dollars. 4. They neglected safety procedures and that’s why the accident happened. 5. Clara would spend hours in the most luxurious stores looking at things without ever going to buy them. 6. After the film was released, they made more from selling records, badges and T-shirts than they did from the ticket sales. 7. The one-time high school computer enthusiast who is now worth $100bn has made multi-billion dollar gifts to his charitable foundations. 8. To secure her future after retirement, she bought shares in the company. 9. All his life the ambitious Swift wanted to become an influential public figure. 10. Melinda decided to take the history course at the local college. 11. When Bill reached school age his parents sent him to a private school known for its high academic standards. 12. The recent survey has shown that an unduly large proportion of students give up their studies after only one year at university. 13. In the summer of 1975 Bill Gates and Paul Allen started their own business and founded a small company called ‘Microsoft’. 14. She set up her own business and very soon it proved to be successful. 15. As the strain and nervousness mounted towards the end of the term, some students dropped out of the course. 16. He made it clear that he was not giving up active politics. 17. The tension was so great that Annabel was ready to burst into tears any moment. 18. The trade unions strongly advised employers to invest more money in training programmes.

8. a) Read the article and say in one sentence what it deals with.


(1) 26 апреля 2004 года из жизни ушла одна из величайших женщин современности, властительница гигантской косметической империи Эсти Лаудер.

(2) Родилась Жозефина Эсфирь Ментцер в Нью Йорке в бедной семье иммигрантов. В начале Первой мировой войны в их доме поселился дядя Джон Скотц. Он был химиком, но увлекался составлением кремов для кожи. Эсти подолгу наблюдала, как дядюшка смешивает в баночках всевозможные вещества, которые затем превращаются в чудесные кремы. “именно благодаря дяде Джону я поняла, чем мне следует заниматься в жизни,” – рассказывала Эсти позже. Еще девочкой она поклялась, что непременно будет когда-нибудь жить в роскошном доме на Манхэттене.

(3) Но для воплощения этой мечты нужен был капитал, которого у Эсти не было. Зато были твердость характера, упрямство, уверенность в себе и бурлящая энергия. И при этом минимум образования.

(4) В 22 года она вышла замуж за некоего Джо Лаутера, позднее сменившего фамилию на Лаудер. И тогда же Эсти начала потихоньку заниматься торговлей собственно-ручно изготовленными кремами. Поначалу она даже не продавала свою продукцию, а раздавала ее, к ужасу других торговцев косметическими средствами, бесплатно. Эсти все просчитала: надев лучшую одежду, она заходила в салоны красоты и предлагала свои кремы посетительницам. Иногда она просто раздавала хорошо одетым женщинам баночки с кремами на Пятой авеню. Знакомясь с ними, она без зазрения совести рассказывала сочиненные с ходу байки о своем знатном происхождении, воспитании в лучших европейских пансионах. Эту привычку привирать Эсти Лаудер сохранила на всю жизнь: “Я же лгу ради дела, а в таких случаях все средства хороши.”

(5) К середине 40-х годов Эсти обзавелась собственной торговой маркой “Эсти Лаудер Косметикс”. В ту пору фабрика Эсти располагалась в помещении бывшего ресторана. Вся продукция от Эсти Лаудер была очень высокого качества и очень свежая: днем продавались те косметические средства, которые были изготовлены ночью.

(6) Самым замечательным мгнове-ием своей жизни Эсти Лаудер считала тот момент, когда крупный универмаг “Сакс” купил у нее товаров на 800 долларов. Вскоре капитал компании “Эсти Лаудер” стал исчисляться миллионами, а с годами – миллиардами долларов. Объясняя свой успех, Эсти Лаудер говорила: “Я ни дня в жизни не провела не торгуя.” “Продавала” Эсти буквально до последних дней. Когда ей было уже за 80, она по субботам появлялась в “Саксе” и показывала продавцам, как работать с покупателями, уделяя внимание каждому клиенту. Она лично раздавала посетителям бесплатные образцы своей продукции.

(7) Созданная Эсти Лаудер империя красоты велика и могущественна. Компания контролирует 45% рынка косметики в США и продает свою продукцию в 118 странах мира. Еще при жизни Эсти Лаудер журнал “Тайм” назвал ее одной из 20 “бизнес-гениев” ХХ века. Нью-йоркская Золушка добилась всего, о чем мечтала в детстве.

(По материалам газеты ^ Мир Новос-тей, 2004 г.)

b) Choose the most appropriate English words/phrases corresponding to the highlighted Russian ones. (More than one word/phrase may be right.)

(1) увлекался (enjoyed / was keen on / was fond of)

  1. поклялась (swore / took an oath / promised to herself)

  2. твердость характера (hardness / firmness / strength of character)

  3. раздавала (distributed among / handed out to / served out)

пансионы (boarding schools / boardinghouses / pensions)

(6) не торгуя (without sales / without trading / without selling)

продукция (production / output / products /produce)

c) Answer the teacher’s questions.

^ 9. Paraphrase as in the model:

Model 1: T – Uncle Scotz made Estee interested in chemistry.

St – It was Uncle Scotz who made Estee interested in

Model 2: T – Estee Lauder was born to a family of poor immigrants.

St – It was a family of poor immigrants that Estee Lauder

was born to.
1. Uncle Scotz settled in their house during the First World War. 2. Estee’s strength of character and determination helped her start a career. 3. Her beautiful clothes and charming smile made women believe her stories. 4. In the mid-1940s Estee Lauder Cosmetics became an established brand name. 5. High quality of her cosmetics made it competitive on the market. 6. The turning point in her career was when Saks bought $800 worth of her goods. 7. Estee herself handed out free samples of her goods at the age of 80. 8. During her lifetime Estee Lauder was recognized as a 20th century business genius.

10. Give a brief summary of the article (see exercise 8) in English using the suggested key words and phrases:
1. Introduction:

The article is about...
Estée Lauder [LesteI'lO:dR(r)]; cosmetic empire; Josephine Esther Mentzer; a chemist; skin creams concocted by her uncle; substances

2. Main body of the report:

  • The writer points out that... / The writer suggests that...
strength of character; confidence; ambition; to hand out; samples of her products / potions; Fifth Avenue; calculations; beauty shops; cosmetics; to tell stories;

  • The article goes on to say that...

brand; high-quality products; 800 dollars worth of goods; to be estimated at; immediate success; a free gift
3. Conclusion:

  • In conclusion / Finally, the writer says that...

the cosmetic industry; lifelong wish
^ 11. Complete the sentences with the proper forms of the Verb.

Levis [‘li:vaIs]
  1   2   3   4   5   6


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