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Test 5

I. Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы.

A driver who was going in his car at a great speed through the country road saw a man crossing the road and a dog following him. As the car drew near them the dog suddenly stopped, was hit by the car and killed. The driver stopped his car and came up to the man. "I am very sorry for what has happened," he said. "Will 50 dollars be enough for the killed dog?" — "Oh, yes," said the man, "50 dollars will be quite enough." The man put the money in his pocket and when the driver disappeared in the distance, looked at the dog and thought, "I wonder whose dog it was."


1. Did the man feel very unhappy that the dog had been killed?

2. Why was he happy to get 50 dollars?

II. Поставьте вопрос к подчеркнутому члену предложения.

A driver was going in his car at a great speed through the country road.

III. Раскройте скобки, употребив правильную глагольную форму.


There (1 — be) a very interesting story in the morning paper about a man who just (2 — inherit) 50,000 dollars. The newspaper article (3 — be) quite detailed. It (4 — say) that the man always (5 — behave) very strangely.

What others (6 — like) he (7 — dislike) and what most people (8 — enjoy) he (9 — hate). He (10 — not bear) the sun, but he (11 — take) long walks in the rain without a raincoat or umbrella. He always (12 — see) the black side of everything. He (13 — find) fault with the best picture of the year but he (14 — stay) up late watching very old films on TV.

Last week his uncle (15 — die) and (16 — leave) him 50,000 dollars. Perhaps the uncle (17 — be) rather strange too. Or perhaps he (18 — know) about his nephew's strange preferences— one of them, anyway — and (19 — decide) to try and cure him.

In his will the old man (20 — insist) that the nephew (21 — spend) half the inheritance within the next two years. In case he (22 — fail) to do that the money (23 — give) to a university. Everyone (24 — want) to know what the nephew (25 — do). You see, the thing he (26 — hate) most of all (27 — be) to part with his money.


There (1 — be) always a big problem with Rex. Mr Smith never (2 — know) where he (3 — go). He (4 — try) to keep him in the garden but it (5 — be) no good. Rex always (6 — bring) something home with him.

One day Mr Smith (7 — come) home tired and (8 — be) soon fast asleep. He (9 — wake up) by a loud knock at the door. Rex (10 — look) at him with one eye. Mr Smith (11 — get up) and (12 — surprise) to see a policeman in the doorway. The policeman (13 — apologize) and told him that there (14 — be) a thief in the district stealing from the local shops small things like sweets, chocolates... Mr Smith said that if he (15 — notice) anything he (16 — let) the policeman know. But he knew who it (17 — be).

IV. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. The gunman ... the pilot of the plane to change direction.

a) demanded, b) made, c) controlled, d) forced.

2. Be sure to read ... Chapter 3.

a) a, b) — , c) an, d) the.

3. The doctor said he ... be all right soon.

a) shall, b) should, c) will, d) would.

4. This bag ... for all occasions.

a) is used, b) used, c) is using, d) has used.

5. Nobody heard him ... the house.

a) to leave, b) left, c) leave, d) have left.

6. If I... money I'll buy the book.

a) have, b) had, c) will have, d) would have.

7. He could open the book most... .

a) easy, b) easily, c) easiest, d) easier.

8. ... there any news in your father's letter?

a) Are, b) Were, c) Have, d) Is.

9. The hall was full ... smoke.

a) with, b) of, c) off, d) for.

10. I'd like you ... the mirror a bit higher.

a) rise, b) raise, c) to raise, d) to rise.

11. The student had to read it twice, ... ?

a) had he, b) hadn't he, c) did he, d) didn't he.

12. ... something strange in her appearance.

a) There is, b) It is, c) This is, d) That is.

13. The hat is ... fashionable!

a) so, b) such, c) the, d) this.

14. I ... you for five years.

a) don't see, b) didn't see, c) haven't seen, d) doesn't see.

15. Don't go out. It ... hard.

a) rain, b) rains, c) had rained, d) is raining.

16. They don't think so, ... .

a) so do you, b) so I do, c) neither I do, d) neither do I.

17. Have they bought it ... ?

a) yet, b) ever, c) just, d) never.

18. She sings extremely ... .

a) good, b) bad, c) well, d) fine.

19. He is fond of ... speeches in public.

a) make, b) makes, c) making, d) doing.

20. She ... the article and wants to show it to the teacher.

a) was translating, b) translated, c) has translated, d) translate.

^ V. Переведите на английский язык.

1. Вам придется завтра рано встать.

2. Эту книгу можно найти в любом магазине.

3. Если я не поступлю в институт, то буду искать работу.

4. Мало надежды на то, что мы достанем билеты.

5. Он сказал, что ждет уже час.

^ VI. Выберите правильный ответ.

1. What is the nickname of the Conservative Party?

a) the Tories, b) the Whigs, c) the Libs, d) the Whips.

2. What monument is there in the centre of Trafalgar Square?

a) Cromwell's statue, b) Nelson's Column, c) Queen's statue, d) Edward Elgar's statue.

3. Which animal can look at the Queen?

a) a dog, b) a cat, c) a lion, d) a tiger.

4. What's the name of Sir Churchill?

a) Winston, b) George, c) Christopher, d) Benjamin.

5. Who presides over the House of Commons? a) Lord Mayor, b) Lord Chancellor, c) Prime Minister, d) Speaker.
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